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Neva  Group Services offer a broad range of cleaning services throughout the Southampton and Winchester area. We help organisations present their businesses in a better light to their clients by keeping their premises clean. We have a local team in place to provide quality cleaning services.

Office Cleaning Southampton

Why Neva Group Services?

Welcome to Neva Group Services, we are Southampton’s number 1 choice for professional commercial cleaners, we offer our cleaning services all over the city to businesses small and large. We are the best commercial cleaners in Southampton as we can provide you with the best results ensuring cleanliness and happy, healthy working environment throughout your entire business.

office cleaning southampton

Neva Group Services

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Professional Office Cleaning In Southampton

Commercial Cleaning in Southamptonl

office cleaning southampton

Neva group Services

Office Cleaning Southampton

Our local office cleaning Southampton company realised how important time is for businesses. Therefore, we offer early morning and late evening slots, available for booking. The office cleaning service includes high-intensity carpet cleaning with special treatments for high traffic areas that alleviates built up dirt and refreshes entire room. All treatments are safe, with 0% allergens and harmful chemicals. Our office cleaning service in Southampton gives full bacterial and fungal removal from tiles and carpets, all packaged in a convenient manner for big and small businesses entities.

Neva Group Services

Commercial Cleaners in Southampton

As a business owner we understand cleaning might not be on the top of your list of priorities but it should be, do you think your employees are happy working in dirty conditions? Have you ever thought about what potential clients think when visiting your workplace?

When you are looking for cleaning companies for businesses in Southampton you don’t need to look any further than Neva Group Services. Our experienced team are the only set of cleaners you’ll need for your business.

office cleaning southampton

We have a great team

All of our staff are trained to a high standard ensuring that they leave your premises with a quality finish.

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Our office cleaning service in Southampton set themselves the highest standards when cleaning for businesses so that they can achieve the best and provide the cleanest possible results

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